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The Royal African Cultural Group was established in 1999 by Vida Kwofie to introduce the community, students and others to African music, dance and culture.
The mission of the group is to develop and encourage the understanding of African cultural values, and to introduce the community, children, and students in local schools to participate in African music and dance.

The Group will provide interactive activities such as workshops, lectures and performances in community centers, and after-school programs for the community.
The Royal African Cultural Group has the advantage of collaborating with groups from the Continent of Africa such as the Ghana Dance Ensemble at the University of Ghana, and the Performing Arts Workshop (PAWS) in Accra, Ghana.

•To promote community understanding of the African experience
through music and dance.
•To expose school children, educators and the community about African drumming and dancing, and to increase their knowledge and understanding of African culture.
•To set up an after-school program for students to learn about African music,
dance and culture.
•To involve the local community to participate in events relating to African traditional values.
•To organize events and performances about African music and dance.

The Royal African Cultural Group is a collection of individuals dedicated to teaching African cultural values to people of African descent and those interested in understanding African culture. It comprises drummers and dancers drawn from the Greater Hartford area and the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana. The emphasis is representative of the dances of the varied West African communities. They range from work-based dances to religious dances, to dances based on old legends and folklore.

The Royal African Cultural is based in East Hartford under the administration of its CEO and President, Vida Kwofie. Ms. Kwofie has overall administrative and responsibility for its operation

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