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The program will cover facets of African life and will include topics such as African textiles and meaning, drumming and its significance, hi-life, rituals and other ceremonial events.

We will teach participants how to observe, understand, and respect African ways of life so that they will be able to inform others about Africa in their own communities. The program will provide the participants the opportunity to understand traditional African ideas and culture.
There will be drumming lessons and dancing. The emphasis is representative of the dances of the varied West African communities. They range from work-based dances to religious dances, to dances based on old legends and folklore.

These dances include;
• Royal dance and drumming, e.g., Fontofrom, Kete, Apede, Nnwomkro, Bambaya, etc.
• Funeral dances and drumming, e.g., Adowa, Adakam,

An introduction to selected drumming and dancing traditions of Africa. This course is open to adults and children.


Phone number: 860 568 4645

workshops performance danceclass
Tel: 860 568 4645
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